Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Protecting Religious Liberty...Or Not

This truly is coming to a head in today's Amerika. Homo fascist activists have succeeded in obfuscating the debate over state sanctioned gay marriage, confusing and deluding a majority of the population at the same time. So now we have un-elected judges making decisions that force people to serve certain functions that they find morally objectionably and fundamentally opposed to their religious viewpoint. This is done, in good Newspeak fashion, for the sake of 'tolerance.' However, all we've done is litigated slavery into law. A particularly vile form of tyranny is one that forces people to violate their religious convictions, and the specific reason the first Amendment was demanded by the anti-federalists and codified by the United States.

But now we have some politicians actually doing something useful in Arizona and, seeing the trend of religious conviction being usurped by courts in a few other states, they have proactively attempted to amend a religious protection law in the state from 1999 in order to clarify that people don't have to violate their religious convictions when they engage in business in the state. However, the homo fascists pounced as quickly as possible to label this as Jim Crow for gays. They can't have anyone actually free to disagree with their movement and life decisions. Everyone must unthinkingly accept their way of life, regardless of how debased one may think it is. Clearly, religious people are not afforded the same consideration. But who cares? It's old and stodgy.

But what is the claim that this law is akin to Jim Crow laws? Why it's a lie. As Matt Walsh points out, "They lie, and cooperate with lies, and become willing participants in things that are very likely to be lies, and they do it all for the greater good." As long as their view is shoved down the throats of others, lying is okay.  As long as people are forced to accept their behavior by force of law, the lies are fine. One would hope that people would see through these lies, but they don't. Ignore the fact that Jim Crow criminalized desegregation. This is the other side of the coin. Still forcing business owners to act in a way they fundamentally disagree with. So in reality, not passing these laws (or at least not protecting people's religious freedom) is akin to Jim Crow. It is the homo fascist reaction that is promoting intolerance and hatred. But you have emotional responses galore by the uninformed masses, even entities like the NFL, threatening and demanding these politicians, who are spineless enough as it is, bow down to the mighty homo fascist demands anyway.

And so they will. Jan Brewer will veto the legislation, just as the cowards in Kansas and Ohio and a few other states did. Religious convictions will be further eroded, and soon speech on the subject will be limited as it is labeled a hate crime to speak against it.

Anyone who questions these predictions is, frankly, naive or one of the lying parts of the movement. Things are getting bad, folks. And they'll only get worse. Not for those who love debased sexual behavior, but for those that dare to disagree with it.

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