Saturday, December 15, 2012


I for one was heartbroken when the news of the terrible events reached my eyes yesterday. How can someone kill little kids? As a parent myself, I felt a profound and deep empathy and began to cry for these poor little precious ones whose lives were stolen by a maniac, and the families who cannot enjoy their company anymore. I hugged my children for a long time yesterday.

But what strikes me as odd is the reaction of the left in this country and in other western nations. Not to mention how they lack a moral foundation to condemn such acts and feel any sadness, they also actually approve of these actions, albeit several years earlier. 4 years and a number of months earlier, these victims were in their mother's womb. The leftist pro-aborts are just fine with shoving metal objects into their heads. They support even worse forms of death for them, such as poisoning them, burning them alive, and ripping them apart limb from limb. Yet five years later all of a sudden it's a terrible tragedy that they're killed?

It's far too easy to point out the mental deficiency that is so prevalent in the west now, especially in America. I for one don't see much hope for us. Propaganda, apathy, gullibility, and rejection of God has sealed America's doom.

Lord Jesus, help us and come quickly.