Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Homosexuality is not Video: Response

This video is one of the more poorly done mish mash of straw men and random assertions that I've ever seen.
My response:

//Homosexuality is not something for you to believe in.
It is not Santa Claus.
It is not a religion.
It is not a ghost.

No one has ever claimed these three.

//Homosexuality is not a preference.
It is not food.
It is not a beverage.
It is not something for you to select.

It actually is a preference. It's a sexual preference, as stated later in the same video.
No one's claimed it's a food or drink, and whether it's something that one selects is irrelevant.

//Homosexuality is not something you can become.
It is not a feeling.
It is not a profession.
It is not wealth.

Some people become homosexual, and then leave the lifestyle as well...soooo...just false.
It is a feeling (a sexual preference).
No one has claimed the other two.

//Homosexuality is not a scapegoat.
It is not adultery.
It is not bestiality.
It is not pedophilia.

What? Of course it isn't those three. Those are different types of immoral sexual one is claiming homosexual activity is the same as bestiality. I will claim it's just as immoral, however.

//Homosexuality is not an influence.
It is not a style.
It is not a fad.
It is not a trend.

Straw men.

//Homosexuality is not a phase.
It is not temporary.
It is not for the time being.
It will not pass.

It actually is and does for many people. False.

//Homosexuality is not for you to fear.
It is not a spider.
It is not a germ.
It cannot attack you

More dumb straw men.

//Homosexuality is not an accessory.
It can't take you shopping.
It can't pick out your outfit.
It can't fix your kitchen sink.

The heck you say?

//Homosexuality is not a club.
You cannot join.
You cannot quit.
You cannot be recruited.


//Homosexuality is not a disease.
You cannot catch it.
It cannot be tested.
It isn't something that you can cure.
(So stop trying to.)

Sure it is, and was recognized as such for a long time. It's a mental disease. Mental diseases can be treated.

//Homosexuality is not immoral.
It is not a sin.
It is not sodomy.
It cannot be prayed away.
Sure it is. Who says it isn't? This video? Ha.

//Homosexuality is not a choice.
It is not an alternative.
It is not an option.
You do not get to pick.

Irrelevant whether you choose your sexual attractions or not.

The homo-fascist community really has nothing. It's all emotive bloviating and yelling. No substantial arguments at all.