Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Evil of Homosexuality

That's right folks. I said that. Homosexuality, as in acts pertaining to a homosexual nature, is evil. By definition, anything that is an affront to God's nature and against His commands is evil. Of course in the West's quest to erase guilt for sin, this is very un-PC and you'll rarely hear this phrase mentioned by anyone, even Christians. Anyone reading this blog knows I'm not one to stifle my rhetoric and at every chance I get challenge the PC nonsense of our culture.

But just what does homosexuality being evil entail? Well it entails just what any other evil action entails. That in thought or deed, if you perform a homosexual act you are acting against God and are sinning. However, whenever this issue comes up the pro-sin side immediately rattles off certain straw men. Why do you hate homosexuals? Why are you so intolerant? Why do you want to get in their bedroom and interfere with their personal life? In that vein, let's point out what the evil of homosexuality doesn't entail:

It does not entail that you are to hate the person who performs the act. People who have homosexual proclivities, or who endorse it, or who live the lifestyle, are still people made in God's image whom He loves. The very Bible that condemns homosexual acts also calls for us to love people and spread the message of salvation through Christ to them. We aren't to hate them. We aren't to go up to them and condemn them. We are to tell them that they are wrong and acting against God. However, that is usually when the aforementioned straw man is set up. On the contrary, when one tells another they are wrong for what they do, it is usually not out of hatred, but out of concern for the other person. If you hated the person why would you warn them about what they're doing?

It does not entail intolerance of the person. It does entail intolerance of the act. Everyone is intolerant of something. The toleration police simply live in an impossible fairy land. We're all intolerant of something. The ones who want to legitimize homosexuality are intolerant of those who want to continue to point out that it is a perversion. What we can tolerate is each other's existence. But no one should tolerate evil acts such that they don't speak out against them.

It finally doesn't entail that you want bedroom surveillance. Most people who don't want evil acts legitimized are not for infringement of personal liberty or for civil action for all evil actions. If you want to perform evil acts that don't hurt others in the privacy of your bedroom, go for it. That's between you and God. But when a society tries to legitimize certain evils, the morally conscious person has the duty to speak out against them.