Friday, July 15, 2011

God Can Be Pretty Harsh: Mark Driscoll


Seth said...

This will be very interesting. I like Driscoll. I haven't read any of his books, but I have listened to a few of his sermons and talks. I like how he admits he has gone too far in the past!

I agree with everything he said in the video. General Christians are people pleasers who are scared to death to make someone feel "bad," which I don't ever want to intentionally insult someone just for fun, you know, but sometimes the truth cuts deep, hurts, and does make people feel bad.

bossmanham said...

True Seth. And while I think any harsh language one does use against another should be exceedingly rare, as promoted by Biblical writers everywhere, it seems that it is called for at certain points. Paul, for instance, called the high priest a whitewashed tomb. When he found out it was the high priest he apologized, but only because he was the high priest. It seems that at times it is acceptable.

David said...

Since I can't seem to have a discussion with you without a degeneration into insult, I'd like to get a few things cleared up, and this post seems like the place to do it.

According to the Bible, which types of responses are acceptable to God when one disagrees with another or one thinks that another is in theological error? Which responses are righteous and which are sinful?

Insulting? Demeaning? Sneering? Degrading? Shaming? Disgracing? Questioning a man's masculinty?

In responding to one who disagrees with you, it is acceptable to compare those you disagree with to...?

Feces? Used mentrual cloths? Other noxious bodily fluids?

Snakes? Rats? Dogs? Fleas? Any other verminous creature?

How about idiots, morons and retards?

Just want some clarification here. It helps to know the rules.