Friday, July 15, 2011

Confess Your Sins One to Another

Sins I've committed:

  • I've put other things before God and my relationship with Him
  • I've idolozed things like material items and ideologies
  • I've taken God's name in vain by cursing
  • In sinning in other areas, I have defiled the Lord's Sabbath by not consecrating my days to Him
  • I have dishonored my father and my mother by disobeying them, by insulting them, by yelling at them, by taking advantage of them, by......
  • I have hated people, which Jesus equates with murder
  • I have never committed adultery or fornication, however, I have lusted after women, and that is equated with adultery by Jesus
  • I have stolen things
  • I have lied
  • I have coveted other people's posessions
That means I have broken all 10 of God's moral commands given to Moses and Israel. Add to that the multiple other moral violations that I have committed, and you'll see that I'm a rotten sinner.

Sins I bear guilt before God:

As you can see, Christ has taken all of those sins and paid for them with His sacrifice on the cross. The spotless lamb paid for all of my dirty disgusting crimes.


Tony-Allen said...

Amen :)

Anonymous said...

Guilty me.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to confess your late-night internet porn addiction too.

We all know you do it. We all know that 97% of all Christians do it; pastors included.

bossmanham said...

Haha. Sounds like someone is projecting (not to mention citing wildly inaccurate statistics, which would be lying, would it not?).

Seth said...

I wonder how accurate the stats are. Are the stats for searching for porn actual searching for pornographic sites or are the stats including, e.g., a google search for stats on porn or what porn does to the mind?

bossmanham said...

Already did, and that's why I am confident charging the troll with lying.