Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Will be Attacked

I'd never heard about the kid until recently. Chalk it up to me not keeping up on the teen pop scene. But someone that makes as much money as he does is bound to be heard of by most people at some point, so yes I am vaguely familiar with him.

Well this kid has more in the way of below the waist spherical objects than most adults in his profession, not being scared at all to give his opinion on abortion. In a Rolling Stone interview he says, "I really don’t believe in abortion...It’s like killing a baby?" (The question mark is apparently maybe being unsure, or maybe it's rhetorical in the way teens typically talk). He also didn't back down when asked about his thoughts on the issue in the case of rape. Of course he's going to be maligned and drug through the mud until he "clarifies" his position, which I assume his agent or someone working around him will convince him to do. But I hold out hope for the young man, and will pray for God to give him strength to stand up for this position in the face of the impending media pounding (which has already started).

On a more negative Bieber note, he jokingly called Americans who think people should have control over their own health care by keeping the purse strings to themselves "evil." Being anti abortion is a tad stronger than being stupid on health care, so we'll say he's slightly above water at this point.


Now we'll get to listen to a bunch of poorly conceived, emotionally charged, non-rational arguments for abortion for the next week or so on every station imaginable. YAY!

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