Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the Blogger Commenting Issues

I had one commenter whose been quite fun to dialog with complain about the commenting problems that seem to permeate Blogger.

I actually have no control over the commenting issues, at least none that I know of.

When I get the too many character issue (over 4,096 or something), I just cut and paste into multiple posts. I always type my posts in Notepad or Word and then cut and paste.

The request URI doesn't keep it from posting, just hit back on your browser and it should be there; at least it usually is for me. It's annoying, but it is possible to work around.

Other than that, I'm certainly open to suggestions. Blogger's been doing weird stuff for a few months. I don't know why. I just think the hassle of switching providers would be too much, and I like the Google interconnection.


woodchuck64 said...

Thanks for the info. Knowing now what two issues to watch for and how to workaround is helpful at least.

Tony-Allen said...

Blogger is definitely not PERFECT in commenting codes, although it's not the WORST out there.

I recently had the problem on my blog where the word verification wasn't working right and preventing people from posting. I removed it a week ago - problem solved. I moderate comments any way (not because I avoid disagreement, just...long story), so if spam gets posted, I can just delete it.

zilch said...

Another weird thing that sometimes happens to me on Blogger is that I post something, and get a window saying it was too long; but when I look, it is posted nonetheless.

cheers from snowy Vienna, zilch