Saturday, December 18, 2010

MR Dawkins Doesn't Listen--Or Something

HT: Chris Shannon


The Apologetic Front said...

I guess Dawkins was being honest when he said that he won't debate Creationists and give them a platform: when he "debates" them, he plugs his ears and assumes they say nothing.

Havok said...

Craig says he doesn't have time to develop the arguments, and so just lists them.
Since all of the arguments he does list seem to be rather contentious within philosophical circles, I'm not sure he made his case.
Debates are all well and good for entertainment purposes, as well as jumping off points for finding out more, but as methods of determining "truth", they're rather terrible (And Dawkins is likely a terrible debater, while WLC is a good debater. That doesn't mean that WLC is right and Dawkins wrong, as debate itself is a skill)

I guess I'd have to watch the entire debate to actually see what the arguments presented were, and how they were developed and attacked :-)