Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Book on the Resurrection

Michael Licona's new book examining the resurrection of Jesus historically is now out. It looks to be one of the most exhaustive studies on the issue. Licona has been working on this all through his doctoral studies till now. It's exciting to see his work finally come to fruition. I plan on getting the book soon and urge all of my readers to as well.


The Seeking Disciple said...

Interesting. I will have to get this one.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love blogger. It's so great, even if you don't post my comments you have to read them.

bossmanham said...

Actually, ex, I don't read most of what you post. When I see you've posted something I delete it. This one is obviously an exception, but I don't even know what you wrote the last time. Furthermore, I'm not sure what you're expecting. Do you think you're going to insult me? Do you think your juvinile posts will make me question my faith? Do you think your four letter, single syllable words make you look smart?

The answer is no to them all.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not trying to change any ones mind. Do I want to insult you, yes. You are so good at insulting me and the late Ken Pulliam. You just can't help it, see "Four letter single syllables".

I know, Christians are such towers of intellectual thought. Your I.Q. is of the charts, it has to be to talk with your imaginary friend.

Come on brother, I thought you were praying for me. Your imaginary friend is testing you through me. You are being refined through this trial, and so far you are not passing the test, maybe a worse trial is headed your way now.

bossmanham said...

1) I'm not insulted in the least.
2) I never insulted Dr. Pulliam.
3) When did I say I wasn't praying for you? That doesn't mean you aren't acting like a 5 year old.

A.M. Mallett said...

Ha .... Boss, I love the flamers. I've had one in particular that knows he is going to be deleted but he takes such joy in it that I wouldn't dream of spoiling his fun.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Australia.

What if the "resurrection" never occurred? Which of course it did not. And besides which it has nothing to do with the spirit-breathing Spiritual Way of Life Taught & Demonstrated by Saint Jesus of Galilee while he was alive.

And of course everyone dies - over and over again.