Friday, September 3, 2010

Swift Responses to Hawking

Hawking has popularized the old "the universe created itself" canard in a recent article on his forthcoming book.

Scientist John Lennox has responded here.

Also, check out these videos from William Lane Craig and Robert J. Spitzer on this strange idea. (here and here)

See my blogger buddy Rhology's assessment here.

Another blogger friend here.

I think there are about a zillion other responses out there. Feel free to post them in the comment section.


RkBall said...

Stephen Hawking Jumps The Shark:

The Seeking Disciple said...

During our prayer meeting this morning we prayed earnestly for Hawking's salvation. For such a brilliant man, how can he be such a fool? Psalm 14:1-3.

bossmanham said...

We all were before Christ touched us. I sincerely hope he sees his error soon.

sinclairj said...

I am the James Sinclair who coauthored the kalam piece in the Blackwell Companion. I've found your debate with Arizona atheist interesting.

With regard to the Hawking issue, you can find my take on it at

It is in the "Dennett on Craig" thread, in the "Open Forum" under "Kalam Cosmological Argument". The thread is from April, 2010.

My take on it, though, is similar to the John Lennox article you cite. Hawking is committing a category error if he claims the "laws of physics" are a platonic mathematical entity.

bossmanham said...

Hello, Mr. Sinclair! I'm honored that you stopped by! I think your work with Dr. Craig is indispensable. Thanks for your thoughts, and I agree with you. I made the point at the reasonablefaith forums that, taken at face value, Hawking's statement is self-contradictory, since if the law of gravity is the cause of the universe, the universe isn't "creat[ing] itself out of nothing."

The Apologetic Front said...

If this is true, then i'm hoping for a million dollars to appear out of nothing into my bank account. This way, there would be no one to return the money to and I could keep it in good conscience.

On the contrary, I do hope that a lion doesn't appear out of nothing in my room. But given that everything can come from nothing, I guess anything can happen! I'll keep my fingers crossed for that million dollars. That would be sweet.