Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Bringing Up Crystals in a Debate Over ID is a Bad Idea

From Thomas Cudworth of Uncommon Descent:

We have no experience of such complex integrated systems being built up by chance, or by any process largely dominated by purely contingent events. Yes, crystals and snowflakes can form naturally into elaborate geometrical patterns, but crystals and snowflakes do not eat, breathe, digest, walk, fly, mate, think, laugh, cry or sacrifice themselves for a political or religious idea. Their mathematical structures are neither machinelike nor lifelike; they do not display the adaption of means to ends that both machines and organisms do (

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Anonymous said...

Actually crystals contain very little information. All of the information contained in a crystal can be derived from its unit cell repeated in various directions. It is similar to saying, repeat the sequence "12" in 2D to get the "crystal"


and so on.