Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alvin Plantinga on Determinism


The Christian has an initially strong reason to reject the claim that all of our actions are causally determined-a reason much stronger than the meager and anemic arguments the determinist can muster on the other side. Of course if there were powerful arguments on the other side, then there might be a problem here. But there aren't; so there isn't.


SLW said...

But there aren't; so there isn't.

Gotta love that!

bossmanham said...

I know. I laughed out loud when I read that.

Robert said...

Hello Brennon,

You should post more of that Alvin Plantinga quote about the weakness of determinism.

Plantinga is probably the premier living Christian philosopher today and he sees determinism as an extremely weak position. So Brennon post more of that quote! :-)


Taylor Shobe said...

Really? they're aren't any?? ha! ok.

Now, are you referring to arguments for/against the possibility that determinism is true, or arguments for/against that determinism is probable or plausible??

(when I clinked in the main link above, it wouldn't load, so I couldn't really read whatever the source is)

bossmanham said...

The quote is pretty clear. There aren't any good reasons to accept that determinism is true.