Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ephesians 1 at Arminian Chronicles

A fellow Arminian blogger has just posted a great blog on Ephesians 1. He shows clearly that the passage is about the corporate election of those in Christ, aka the church, and not about an individual unconditional election. It can be found by clicking here.


Marcus McElhaney said...

Okay, I could not resist. here is my response.

bethyada said...

I had seen it but it appeared to be an extensive read. I gone back. Quite interesting but I don't agree with how faith in Hebrews is discussed. I think of faith in Hebrews as being more our trust in what God has said even though it is yet to occur.

As far as corporate election, I will need to review Ephesians further. It will be interesting to see how this corresponds to Romans 8 in a corporate versus individual sense?

bossmanham said...


While I don't necessarily agree with everything, I do think the points made about election being corporate in Paul's thought is correct.