Monday, November 2, 2009

Arminianism = Council of Orange

The Council of Orange happened in AD 529 to settle the Augustinian/Pelagian rift in the church. Many Calvinists accuse Arminians as being semi-Pelagians. But semi-Pelagianism was also condemned as heresy at the Council of Orange. Was Arminianism condemned in 529? Ha! Hardly. A reading of Arminius and the Canons of the council shows a nearly identical position, right down to the refutation of a doctrine Calvinists hold to, reprobation and determinism toward evil:

We not only do not believe that any are foreordained to evil by the power of God, but even state with utter abhorrence that if there are those who want to believe so evil a thing, they are anathema. (

For direct comparisons between the canons of the council and Arminius' own writings, click here.

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Jc_Freak: said...

Actually, Arminianism relates to Semi-Augustianism, which was preferred over Augustianism at the Council of Orange. So it was actually confirmed there, not condemned.