Monday, August 3, 2009

A Thought on the "Birther" Movement

Is ensuring that the constitution isn't egregiously violated a silly proposition? Why is that conspiratorial? How does asking to see someones proof of citizenship make you a loon? I have to do that to renew my driver's license! Janitors in the White House have to show more identification than Obamuhh has!

Do I think Obamuhh was born in Hawaii? Yeah, he probably was. I'd feel a lot better about it if every government official had to provide the proof of their citizenship, though.


Bob Brewer said...


When I first heard about the potential non-citizenship of the then candidate Obama I immediately thought, "This is a witch hunt" but his refusal to simply release the documentation that could prove his citizenship has given rise to doubt in my mind where there was previously none. In my opinion more damage has been done by His response to the allegations then by the allegations themselves.

Thankfully Jesus is on the throne!

Bob B

bossmanham said...

That's exactly how my thought process developed, Bob. I think it's why it is getting so much coverage now. If he'd shown proof it would be over.