Monday, August 10, 2009

Does Location Change What You Are?

Americans believe humans have rights. Most of us believe, as the founders stated in the Declaration of Independence, that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet we don't afford babies in the womb the same dignity. Why not? Is it because they're still in the womb? That would seem to be one of the main considerations for the pro-abortionist. Some even think that if the head is still in the womb, the child is still not human.

But how does this make any sense? Think about it. Basically we are contending that because the baby is in a different place, namely the mother's womb, it does not deserve human rights. But, if the baby travels 8 inches or so through the birth canal, it somehow magically attains humanity. So location determines humanity...? Who determines what location makes you human or not? Are Mexicans less human than Americans because they live to the south of the US border?

You know, there was a decision that decided that it was okay to treat certain people below a certain parallel as sub-human. It was called the Missouri Compromise. Below the 36°30' it was okay to own a slave.

Location does not determine your humanity. Simply because a human is inside the mother's womb does not mean it is any less valuable, just like living below the 36°30' parallel doesn't give people the right to own you as a slave.

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