Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Difference Between the Brothers Wesley and the Triabloguers

For some reason (certainly not me) my good friends at Triablogue have been calling us Arminians out for calling them out on being meanies. They specifically cite John and Charles Wesley, who both happened to be awesome. They have quoted several occasions where J & C used invective language against the system known as Calvinism. But I believe we see a HUGEMONGOUS difference in how the brothers acted and how my good friends sometimes act. J & C voiced their strong disapproval for a system of theology. The T-bloggers attack, belittle, and insult individuals. As if two wrongs made a right anyway.

Anyhoo, just pointing that out. Cheerio.


Kevin Jackson said...

Here's the difference-

John Wesley - Calvinism makes God worse than the devil.

Calvinism - John Wesley is the devil.

bossmanham said...

Perfectly put, Kevin.

Anonymous said...


Could you show how that is done?

The Seeking Disciple said...

Some Calvinists (not all) remind me of rogue regimes such as North Korea where if you speak out against them they lash out at you hoping to shut you up. Triblogue reminds of those type of regimes. They lash out (in an ungodly manner I might add) at those whom they disagree.

bossmanham said...


Check out his most recent blog post. Then check out this as well