Friday, July 24, 2009

Commas and the Caste System

I think it's funny in light of all the scriptures that command Christians to deal with each other in a civil and loving way that the good ol' Triabloguers (click here) have such an issue with that. They, after all, are super-mega-uber-duper Christians. They know big words and read lots of philosophical tomes on how choice isn't really choice. Yet when challenged, instead of being able to engage in civil discourse, they let you know how utterly stupid you are. They make sure you know the utter contempt they have for your ridiculous non-Triablogue views.

I think I understand now! It has come to me in a shaft of light!! Why can the Triabloguers ignore Ephesians 4:1-6? It is because they were predestined not to have to by God. See, Christianity is actually a caste system. Only the super elite bloggers with fake internet pictures are able to bypass the command to love one another and speak kindly to one another. But this can only happen on the internet (because we all know none of them treat anyone in the real world like that). Yes, through the veil of anonymity the internet creates it is the boys at Triablogue who God, through Calvin, has made the bulldogs of correct doctrine. Let all who challenge them feel their unbridled wrath! A human wrath that actually does produce the righteousness of God!!!

I recommend we all visit Triablogue at least once a day and bow before our computer screens. Who's with me?


The Seeking Disciple said...

Good one. Made me smile!

bossmanham said...

Thanks, Roy :). Those guys know I'm just kidding with them.