Saturday, May 30, 2009

How can a loving God send someone to hell?

Is God unjust in punishing people simply for disobeying Him? Isn't God a loving and forgiving God? What kind of a loving God would send people to hell? These kinds of questions permiate our post-modern culture. Years ago it wasn't really a big issue. But as of late, the doctrine of hell has been questioned more and more often.

We have lost track of the holiness and righteousness of our God. When we sin, we are actively shaking our fists at an infinitely powerful being. The Bible says about God, "God is a just judge,And God is angry with the wicked every day" (Psalm 7:11). The truth of the matter is we are all wicked (Romans 3:23, 5:12, etc).

I think we can conclude that a god who would compromise his own justice because of love is actually less loving than the true God. The analogy of an unjust judge works well here. If God simply let people off the hook and saved everyone, regardless of whether they accepted the gift of salvation or not, that would be akin to a judge allowing a murderer off the hook because he/she feels sorry for or loves the murderer. NO! Justice must be carried out. Your crimes are either taken on by the Son of God through faith in Him, or you remain in your sins and you suffer the punishment for them.

Furthermore, if God did just accept everyone into heaven wthout condition, that means people like Hitler and Stalin would also be saved and God would basically saying to their victims, "your murder goes unpunished because I love too much to carry out justice." As we see, that is really not love at all. No, a truly loving God carries out His justice. The fact He has provided the way of salvation at all shows His amazing love for His people. But He doesn't coerce us to love Him back.

Finally, if we didn't love Him back, why would He drag us kicking and screaming into His presence at the end? We hated Him throughout our entire lives and He suddenly brings us to be with Him (the one whom we rejected and hated) for all eternity? How is that loving? No, a loving God gives them exactly what they want, an eternity without Him.

Flee from this judgement. Repent of your sins. Trust in Jesus for your salvation! He took the punishment you deserve on the cross of Calvary so you can be with Him for eternity. That is how God remains righteous and just.


Onesimus said...

Check how many times scripture refers to the love of God and to God as a loving God.

Then see how many of those references are addressed to (or related to)the redeemed compared to those addressed to the unredeemed.

Next, see how many times scripture refers to God's righteousness and holiness.

How about looking at the gospel as preached by Jesus and the apostles. How many times is God's love mentioned in preaching to the unsaved?

How often is the gosepl referred to as a gospel of God's love? How often is the gospel related to God's righteousness?

Look at Jesus' prayers to the Father. How often does HE pray to His loving Father?

While there is no denying the love of God - maybe believers are casting pearls before swine when we try to attract the unsaved by telling them about God's love.

And maybe when they respond with questions such as "How can a loving God send someone to hell?" or "How can a loving God allow so much suffering in this world?" - are these not cases of those "swine" turning and tearing us to pieces?

bossmanham said...

I think it is. People are uncomfortable with the topic of hell, but it needs to be taught so we can be equipped to answer those kinds of questions.

Brazen Hussey's said...

To the degree that we deny the glory of God, we will deny the value of His holy justice.

Well done post!!

Godismyjudge said...

Nice post. God loves His own justice!

God be with you,