Friday, April 17, 2009

Who can come to Jesus? Ardian Rogers answers


Robert said...

Hi Brennon,

Thanks for sharing that clip from Rodgers.

He gets it right!

His evangelism is simple, powerful, clear, the way evangelism needs to be. Of course we know partially why he gets it right, he was Arminian, so he knows the "whosoevers" really apply to "whosovers". We don't need to wonder if God wants the people we evangelize to "come", God has alreayd **explicitly** said He desires the salvation of all. We don't need to be careful to couch things and be iffy in our evangelism, to say false things as the calvinists do such as: "**maybe** Jesus wants you to be saved" or "**maybe** Jesus died for you", but I don't really know, and canot know for sure". No, God has made it clear in His Word that the plan of salvation is intended for all, the provision of Christ has been made for all. So we, like Rodgers, can **confidently and boldly** evangelize in the manner in which Rodgers does in this audio clip. And we all have the Spirit (if we are saved) and we all have the Word and so we all can boldly declare this message that Adrian Rodgers put so well: "the elect are the whosovers". Thanks for sharing the clip, Rodgers was also one of my wife's favorite preachers.


bossmanham said...

Absolutely, Robert.

Rogers had pretty much the perfect preacher voice.

DonaldH said...

The main things are the plain things, and the plain things are the main things.

One look at the scriptures tells it all. God bless you my brother, I love to hear Adrian Rogers!

Richard Coords said...

Love the Adrian Rogers clips!