Monday, April 6, 2009

Advantage to Arminianism

I have heard it done. Many of my reformed brothers and sisters have contradicted their own theology! When speaking to the lost, they have used the phrase, "Jesus loves you!" C'mon my reformed friends, you know you have. I'm glad you did! It is biblical (John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:4, 1 John 4:8).

God loves His creation, which is why He gave Himself for it. As an Arminian, I can honestly look at  those who have not accepted the forgiveness of God through faith in Christ and tell them that God loves them and genuinely wants them to come to forgiveness. If a Calvinist is to be honest and consistent, the best they could say is, "there is a chance that God may love you and may have elected you to be regenerated and then have faith in Him! Otherwise He hates you." That would be very cumbersome. 

My reformed friends, it is plain in scripture that God does love all men. If you would simply shed the preconceived assumptions you hold and rely on scripture, you too could have the advantage that the Arminian has.


Onesimus said...

A friend of mine who identifies himself as a four and a half point Calvinist admitted that he preaches an "Arminian" gospel.

He clearly recognises that his Calvinist leanings give him no gospel to preach - however since Jesus commanded His followers to preach the gospel he has to turn to a non-Calvinist message to obey Him.

bossmanham said...

So he's saying that God wants us to be dishonest when sharing the gospel? That seems...contradictory.

Onesimus said...
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Onesimus said...

bossmanham said: "That seems...contradictory."

That's the nature of Calvinism as I've seen it

The Seeking Disciple said...

I have called the Calvinist teaching on the love of God for all and how they deal with this in evangelism as "wink wink evangelism" in which the Calvinist, if their theology is true and consistent, must admit that when they say "Jesus loves you" they must admit (even to themselves if they don't persevere until the end) that they are saying, "Jesus loves you" but with a "wink wink" from their eye as they are lying. It's possible God doesn't love that person they are sharing the gospel with nor even themselves. It's possible that for the next 100 years God has chosen only a few and or perhaps many but who knows?

I am grateful that as Arminians we can truthfully say, "Jesus loves you" and can prove it from Scripture. There is no "wink wink" in our theology.

DonaldH said...

Sweet post Bossman!