Monday, December 29, 2008

One of my problems with Calvinism

If you check the primer to my blog you'll see I hold pretty close to a Classical Arminian systematic theology.  Those of us who hold to this view specify the Classical (aka Reformed Arminianism) because what is labeled as Arminianism today quite often is only called that because it isn't Calvinism.  More often than not, however, many people (not all) who say they're Arminians would actually line up closer to semi-Pelagianism or full blown Pelagianism.  But I digress.

This is a comment I made on a post at, which is a blog run by some Calvinists.  I actually like these guys and find their blog very informative (I think they all have PhD's in theology, so it should be).  I simply have to take slight umbrage when they rail on Arminianism.  Here is one of my problems with Calvinism:

My Calvinist brothers,

Man's biggest problem is sin. We all agree with that. But it's an even bigger problem for the Calvinist caste system because if God ordains all actions deterministically, then God has ordained sin, as opposed to simply allowing it. This makes God responsible for sin, and makes God a sinner. This is the logical conclusion. But God cannot sin!

Arminians rightly put the blame for sin on humanity. We are so dead in our sins that only the grace of God can awaken us to accept Jesus Christ. But we do have the responsibility to have faith. Before I get a hundred "that's semi-pelagian 99% God 1% you," faith is not a work of salvation. The work of salvation was done on the cross by Jesus Christ. Faith is the recognition and surrendering to that work, and it's described that way in Holy Scripture.

God bless!

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