Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worst case scenario

So since it kinda looks like Obamuhh is going to win, I've decided to speculate on what America will look like under his administration. First, he'll implement the Fairness Doctrine. Radio stations will drop conservative programming rather than give free airtime to anybody. This will stifle conservative talk radio, one of the few outlets for conservative points of view. Then we'll have next to no voice in the media.

Bush has 40 judicial appointments that the dems won't vote on. If Obamuhh gets in, he'll slap huge liberals into those spots. Any supreme court opening will also see a liberal appointment. That means for at least 20 years, and more likely forever, the face of America will be irrevocably changed. Abortion will continue unimpeded. We'll also likely see gay marriage down the road. But why stop there? With the definition of marriage destroyed, why not allow polygamy? Who wants to marry their goat? Everything goes!

We'll have a beefed up nanny state. More and more regulations not only on business, but on individuals. I love it when the government tells me how to live my life...not. He has already confirmed his belief of a Robin Hood style economy. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor will cause record unemployment and a general crap economy. Just look at where the dems have gotten us in two years.

So if he's elected, could anything stop the dem congress and Obamuhh from getting whatever they want? With Obama in the White House, the Dems controlling Cnogress and Obama's newly shaped Supreme Court seated, exactly what would there be to stop it? The leftwing media?

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