Wednesday, October 1, 2008

deja vu?

I found this comment on Michelle Malkin's website. It was too funny (and probably true) to pass up.

  • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — Santayana
  • Speeches in stadiums filled with mesmerized, adoring audiences - Check
  • An uninspiring background before meteoric rise - Check
  • Creates his own new symbols of power - Check
  • Associates with racists, hatemongers and violent radicals - Check
  • A propaganda machine willing to show him only in the best possible light - Check
  • Uses, “glorious leader” style Agitprop posters common in totalitarian nations - Check (see German campaign poster for example)
  • Wants Secret Police force - Check
  • Somebody powerful people think they can control - Check
  • Often dismissed as a light-weight by his opponents - Check
  • Seeks to replace God with the State - Check
  • People adopting his name as their own - Check
  • Inspires adoration art - Check
  • Appropriates symbols of past German glory - Check
  • Never plans on giving up power - Check (Obama to be president for the next “eight to 10 years”)
  • A narcissistic megalomaniac - Check
  • Brazenly Takes credit for other people’s accomplishments - Check
  • Wants to build “youth” movement through Universal National State service - Check
  • Acts as if in power before he is - Check
  • Some followers believe him to be divine - Check
  • Worshiped and aided greatly by the media - Check
  • Has his own salute - Check
  • Has thuggish supporters intimdating political opponents – Check
  • Using the power of the State to silence critics - Check

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Anonymous said...

WOW! That was awesome!