Sunday, September 28, 2008

contra contraception

I'm a protestant. I have a major problem with an aspect of protestant teaching that has become prevalent in the last 80 years. It has to do with contraception. For 1900 years, the entire Church taught against this practice. It wasn't until the 1930 Lambeth conference that Protestants began considering the practice. It seems the Anglican conference is the source of all sorts of baloney (as we saw this year with their giant step toward accepting homosexuality as a valid lifestyle). We now have all sorts of silly excuses for the practice, such as it's a wise economic move, or new couples should get used to each other before they conceive. As if God couldn't provide for families. C'mon people! Children are blessings from God. You'll find no place in the Bible where a child is referred to as a burden, fiscally or otherwise. They are always a blessing for everyone. Not to mention that probably the most popular contraceptive, the pill, is an abortifacient, and since its introduction in the 60's, society has degenerated morally. The birth rate has also dropped to the point that we're not replacing ourselves.

Martin Luther said, "The purpose of marriage is not to have pleasure and to be idle but to procreate and bring up children, to support a household. Those who have no love for children are swine, stocks, and logs unworthy of being called men or women; for they despise the blessings of God, the Creator and Author of marriage." That's pretty direct.

Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man, says if you take chldren out of the equation of marriage, then sex becomes nothing more than a "profound form of play."

Other protestants who spoke against contraception (just to name a few):
  • John Calvin
  • John Wesley
  • Robert Dabney
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • A.W. Pink
  • Zacharius Ursinus
  • Heinrich Bullinger
  • Cotton Mather
  • Herbert Leupold
  • Johann Keil
  • Franz Delitszch
  • Matthew Henry
  • Adam Clark
  • John Machen

Remember, all of these guys used very strong language against the practice. They called it sin, and they didn't mince words.

One last question. If you're a parent, can you name me one of your children that you regret having? Are they a financial burden? Think about it.


Ana Baptist said...

With late marriage and second marriages, I think the childless issue is more complicated than just being a sign of selfishness.

My sister is 33 and she will marry a 47-year-old widower next week. His children are 20, 25 and 27. He had a vasectomy after the birth of the last child, and he has no interest in becoming a father again.

This is not how she wanted it. She always wanted to be a mother, but her fiance is the first and only man who ever asked her to marry him. She figured at her age, this is her last chance. On the bright side, her oldest stepchild-to-be is married, so she may get to be a grandmother soon.

bossmanham said...

I think this is a different situation. He's already had the surgery. I believe in some cases, vasectomies are reversible.

My point was just to bring this subject to light because I don't think people are aware that this has not been accepted through most of Christian history. I think the Biblical teaching is clear, but we have allowed the world to influence the church.

We are all saved by Christ's grace, and He says to take up our cross and follow Him.

I congratulate your sister on her marriage and hope she has a wonderful life with new her husband.