Sunday, August 10, 2008

The reason for this blog

Here, I'm going to lay out the purpose of my blog and what you can expect to see. I will also give a quick overview of what I believe.

As you have seen, I will talk about passages of the Bible that I have been reading that catch my attention (as if any of them don't, lol). I try my best to write out what is going on and then try to make sense of how to apply the Biblical principles taught to people's lives. Keep in mind, I am not trained as a theologian or minister. Therefore, I won't ever try to exegete something that is beyond my capability. I will also research the passage and read what well respected Christian leaders have to say. If anybody sees something they think I should re-think, comment and I'll look into it.

I also will talk about things I see happening in the Church universal that are potentially harmful. This includes aberrant teachings and teachers. It is important for the body of Christ to always keep vigilant about what is being taught. The Bible makes it clear that false teachers will enter the church, and therefore we are to be discerning.

I will speak frequently on the Calvinist/Arminian debate. I take the Arminian side.

Less frequently, I will discuss the political spectrum.

What I believe:
  • I affirm the five "solas" of the reformation
  • The Bible, in its original autographs, is inerrant and infallible
  • My theological stance Classical, Reformation Arminian
  • Politically: I am conservative. I believe in a small government, I believe in a strict constructionist view of the Constitution, I believe abortion is evil and should be illegal, I believe society should help provide for those who cannot help themselves (i.e. physically or mentally disabled).

I may elaborate on specifics later, but if you keep reading this blog, you'll see what I believe.


jcoolio said...

I am curious on what you mean when you say "church" or "church universal"? I'm not really looking for a detailed thesis or anything of that sort, but a quick summary would be nice if you could please.

bossmanham said...

As in the entire Christian church.

I mainly stick to protestantism since that is what I know, and since everyone already knows the issues I would have with the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches (the problems are 500 years old). However, I do consider many Catholics and E.O. as brothers and sisters in Christ. Although someday I may post on some of those theological differences.

All under contract said...

I am a 58 year old Christian whose view of a large portion of the church is not complimentary. In a sort of Babylonian captivity is how I discern most of it, especially in regard to the Charismatic elements: their anti-intellectual movements, emotionally charged demonstrations and silliness have caused the demise of countless, unskilled believers. They present what I call a toxic faith. I write this as one who came out from among them many years ago.

Today, I greatly enjoy thinking and have noticed that we have similar sources from whom we gather sound writings and lectures. Ravi Zacharias, as well as those on his staff and visitors to his program, such as Os Guinness, are extraordinary thinkers and men of God. Alexandre Solzenhitsyn, I read while majoring in literature from 1972-1980. His address to the Harvard graduating class is right on the mark as I see it. I hope to come upon a list of your favorite writers and lecturers as I browse your blog site.

In Christ,
Tampa, FL