Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plop goes the church

So there's this church that some refer to as the "6th most influential church in America." It's located in Grainger, Indiana. It's part of the Willow Creek Association. Recently, the WCA sent out surveys to all of their churches, and those churches had to publish their results. Here are some highlights from Grainger Community.
  • 47% of the congregation doesn't believe in salvation by grace
  • 57% don't believe in the authority of the Bible
  • Only 41% love God more than anything else
  • 56% don't believe Jesus is the only way to heaven

Now, this is a "seeker sensitive" church, so maybe this is normal? According to the results, most of the respondents have attended the church for 1-5 years. Only 12% had been there less than a year. If you're still "seeking" after over a year (and up to five years!!!) of attending a church, something isn't going right.

The pastor, Tim Stevens, has written a book called Pop Goes the Church where he tries to get across that the way to reach people is to embrace pop culture and apply it to the church. I'm guessing he thinks he has some credibility on the issue since his church is huge. Well, I think these results show what you're getting in a church that has this kind of approach. You have a bunch of people sitting in the comfy chairs who don't believe in the essentials of the Christian faith. They do not have a Biblical worldview.

We need to be learning the BIBLE!!! The pastor is responsible for teaching the Bible and encouraging his congregation to study their Bibles. This modern approach is failing. I think this is obvious and don't understand why others can't see this. If we are preaching sermons based on "spandex," there's a problem. As Todd Friel says, "these are boys playing at church."

You can find the survey results here.

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