Wednesday, May 21, 2008

High gas or congress is high?

So people are blaming all sorts of other people for high gas. Bush is the one I have personally heard blamed the most. While I'm sure he hasn't helped much, it isn't just him. It's the past 40 years of energy policy our government has had while kowtowing to wacko environmentalists.

Today, Glenn Beck compiled a list of why the crap gas is so high. I give him full credit for this list and it's from this website:

Here it is (I have done some slight editing, including adding the bullet marks):
  • congress has said no drilling in the ANWR
  • no drilling off the coast of Florida and California
  • we're not getting any new 100-year leases to drill in the Gulf while China and Venezuela and Cuba are going in
  • Congress, as well as all three presidential candidates, said there's going to be a cap and trade legislation introduced that will increase the price of gas, according to the EPA, by at least $1.50 a gallon
  • We're shutting down oil fields in Colorado
  • we won't develop shale oil fields in western states
  • Yesterday...congress passed legislation that let us sue OPEC. I'm sure they're not going to retaliate
  • We have allowed environmental attorneys to sue the oil companies for possible future destruction of an Alaskan Eskimo village
  • We also have protected the polar bear and its habitat right where the oil deposits are located
  • We're talking about seizing windfall profits
  • won't allow anybody to drill in some small areas -- no, I'm sorry. We have allowed them to drill in small areas in Alaska while creating very generous environmental laws that have tied up the very production because the oil companies are in court
  • We've also not allowed anybody to build a new refinery for 30 years
  • we've cut our operational refineries in half since 1982
  • congress has refused to fund or allow the deployment of coal-to-oil technology which has been around since the 1930s
  • congress has mandated that oil companies have to make different blends of gasoline and let states like California dictate what unique gasoline blends they have to make for them.
  • Congress will not reduce our federal gasoline tax. They won't even consider reducing it for the summer months

Glenn also mentioned, although not in this list, the fact that China and India are catching up to us in fuel usage. These countries used to hardly use any, now they're using a crap load.

So why is gas so high?'ll have to figure it out.

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